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ButterfliesInMotion is a channel for nourishing Personal Growth, Art and Spirituality.

ButterfliesInMotion is responsible for nourishing and encouraging personal growth, spiritual connections, personal knowledge, creative exploration and expansion, transcendental experiences and meaningful, revealing and rewarding encounters with oneself and the Other.

ButterfliesInMotion writes, translates, performs, records, gives healing sessions, teaches, facilitates groups, workshops, lectures and events.

ButterfliesInMotion Manifesto

” I trust the power of language, its innate potential to create, to transform, to change, to connect, to explain, to guide, to expose, to transcend, to open the flow between the pains of the human condition and the divine.”

“I believe that we can make space in our lives for growth, we can make space for pain, for loss and for new beginnings, for change and for transformation, for resting and for dreaming, we can live our lives with awareness, with intention and commitment, we can be expansive, live by choice and be fully present, we can stay connected and respect the circles of all things, we can forgive and be open.”

“I hope that maybe one day it will not be an elitist privilege of artists and friends to value the poetic, maybe one day we can have an honest discussion about the vainness of ownership, the legitimacy of sexuality, the sacred of the naked body, the beauty of ageing, the terror of ageing, the cruelty of love, the power of love, the inevitable of death which is caused by living and not by smoking.”

*This blog may contain images from performances or rituals with nudity and blood in the gallery section*