The Metamorphic Massage is a healing technique that has its origins in reflexology. Specific points on the feet, the hands and the head reflect areas of our spine which correspond to a psychological map associated with our experiences during the prenatal period, from conception until birth.

This technique is a gentle massage on these points on the feet, hands and head to unblock blockages created during this period.

To book a session:


mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

sessions last 60 min

price 50 euros

sessions can be given ONLY in person at my work space in Amsterdam

( home visits are also possible)

Those first experiences as a fetus are very important for our growth and depending on how they are recorded in our body, they work either as obstacles or as empowering tools that affect all our lives (relationships, work, luck, opportunities, emotions).

The metamorphic massage works on these experiences liberating any blockages that might have occurred during pregnancy or during the moment of our birth.

The metamorphic technique initiates a “metamorphic process” similar to the one occurring to the caterpillar while transforming into a butterfly. This massage restores our vital energy, puts in motion our inner self-healing mechanism, promotes the revelation of our full potential, and because it changes so deeply our attitude towards life, we begin to see big changes in our lives, on a physical level but also on a spiritual, mental, professional, social and personal level.
It is a technique that can change your life!

It is deeply beneficial for everyone!
It is especially beneficial for adults that feel stuck in their work, in their relationships or other aspects of their life,  for children with behavioral or psychological issues, children with disabilities or people with difficulties associated with problems during pregnancy or birth.
It is also an amazingly beneficial  technique  for pregnant women because it helps both the mother and fetus to experience the gestation period and birth as  a positive experience. Infants whose mothers have received Metamorphic during pregnancy are born in their big majority  very calm babies, without stress!